Course curriculum

  • 01
    You got Served
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    • I am not a Lawyer
    • You got served - What to do
    • You got served now what??
    • What happens when you IGNORE SERVICE
    • How you can get FUCKED
  • 02
    Jurisdiction is Everything -
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    • How Courts Trick you into granting JURISDICTION
    • Legal Trickeration
    • Make them write it down
    • Jurisdiction/Dismissal ( the most important thing)
    • Jurisdiction is your best FRIEND in Child Support Court
  • 03
    My Story
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    • Build your Struggle Levels - Watch this 4 times
    • The beginning of the Hustler's Mindset
  • 04
    Fat Cats Secrets Parenting Contracts, LLCs and Trusts - What it is and How to Set it Up
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    • Who is this Course for? The Disruptive Man that is who!!
    • Shared Custody and how it impacts child support
    • Let's get GUCCI
    • Let's get Gucci holding her accountable
    • Gucci - Parenting Contracts
    • What you need for the contract to be valid
  • 05
    Fighting Child Support
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    • 6 Things you need to do- When she says she is pregnant
    • Keep your mouth SHUT!!!
    • Written Testimony is your best FRIEND
    • Written Testimony is your best Defense
    • Instate courts are your FRIEND
    • In state BENNIES
    • My Four Part Plan - DEFENSE TACTICS
    • You Should Never Miss A Court Date EVER!!!
    • Imputed income when they try to FUCK YOU!!!
    • Legal Push Back Techniques
    • Early AM Court Tactics
  • 06
    Setting her up for SHARED PARENTING
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    • A verbal Contract on Record is a Contract!!!
    • How to get her on record without her knowing it - Use Your Phone Recorder
    • How to get her on the record - Email Sequence
    • Shssss Let her hang herself - EMAIL
  • 07
    Her Child - if you are not married
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    • If you are not married the child is HER PROPERTY
    • Slave Child
  • 08
    Dirty Tricks Women Play
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    • False Allegations
    • Dirty Tricks women play in Court
    • Dirty Trick yes this is the same woman you cuddled with
    • Restraining Orders
  • 09
    For men already on CHILD SUPPORT
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    • Your Options if you cant get it Dismissed
    • For men already on CHILD SUPPORT
    • My PLAN of protection -Why EVERY MAN needs and LLC and Holding Company
  • 10
    Reconsideration - How to Get Your Support Reduced
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    • Using an LLC to reduce your Child Support
    • What is a Trust and How Does it Protect You?
    • Let’s talk about trusts right now.
  • 11
    Trust Funds - The Ultimate Child Support Killer
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    • The Process
  • 12
    Legal Child Support Reduction/Stabilization Strategies
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    • First MOVE in protecting ASSETS
    • New Rules $2000 Dollar Reporting Limit and the CREDIT GAME and CHILD SUPPORT GAME