Course curriculum

  • 01
    Bumble Update - How to Mack the APP for Contentious Results!
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    • How to use the APP for FREE for MADD PUSSY Acquisition Step by Step
  • 02
    Welcome to Talk Dirty to ME
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    • How to use this course
    • Talk Dirty to me ( a message from course creator)
  • 03
    Dream Girl - The missing key to most men's dating LIFE!
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    • Dream Girl Key Points
    • Dream Girl Profile Plus
  • 04
    ATTRACTION LEVEL 1 - how to make the best of your LOOKS
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    • How to improve on what you got
  • 05
    Attraction Level 2
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    • What you are really getting into
    • ATTRACTION LEVEL 2 When it is EASY but there is a CATCH
  • 06
    Attraction Level 3
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    • This one is SPECIAL
    • The Golden Girl Precursor
  • 07
    Attraction Level 4 and Spark LEVEL
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    • Marry her or commit to a LTR - Spark LEVEL is another LEVEL
    • Spark and Bumble Review Part 1
  • 08
    The Approach - Public Meeting and Greet
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    • Rewiring your Social Programming
    • Public Approach Quick, Down and Dirty
    • Approaching Women - Body Language and the Second Look How to Manipulate Women
    • Practice Body Language Recognition and using a ROTATION to enhance your confidence and game
  • 09
    Online Presentations and Approach - How to have fun online Dating
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    • Online Dating - Put more effort in your bio and response for 10X the Matches
    • The Importance of your FIRST PICTURE the psychology Behind it
    • Bio Prepping -The Process of Knowing what your WANT in WOMEN
  • 10
    The SLOW Burn - Dating Strategies for Lukewarm Loris and Mildly interested Women
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    • Why you need the SLOW BURN
    • How to set up the SLOW BURN
    • Slow Burn Practice - How to turn a 3 into a 10
    • How to Setup and Track Your Funnel
    • Conversation Tips for the SLOW BURN
  • 11
    One night stands, side chick and Dinner Dates Ads
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    • I Want a Date Tonight- One night stand
    • A Proposal- Dinner, Drinks and You - Dinner and a FUCK
    • Seeking Cool Ass Chick on The Side - Side Chick AD
    • A Movie, Dinner & Dessert- Seeking a Date Tonight ( repeat change title)
    • Friends With Benefits Tonight - One night stand
    • It's Red Lobster Tonight! Ba- Beeee!!! - this shit worked LIKE CRAZY
    • I Want To Cuddle Tonight - Cuddle Ad got much pussy with this one! Different headline
    • I want you TONIGHT -
    • A Proposal- Dinner, Drinks and You
  • 12
    Activity Partner Ad
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    • Seeking Activity Partner ( Yes Even That One) Read On - I discover the power of LONG FORM COPY
    • Seeking A Fun Woman For Activities and More!
    • Concert Partner in Crime FWB - you must be clear with your expectations
  • 13
    BDSM Ads
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    • Unspoken Devotion long-term submissive wanted - Soft BDSM Ad
    • Fire and Discipline - BDSM - Soft BDSM Ad
  • 14
    Trick -EM Ads False Promise of Payment
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    • FWB A Indecent Proposal
    • Wanted Personal Assistant That Goes The Extra Mile
    • Seeking Friends With Benefits Situation -worked moderately got a lot of hobbits
    • An Indecent Proposal-Side Chick Wanted
    • Seeking a Special Arrangement FWB - This one worked WELL